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Reminder that this Friday 5 August, our fitness yoga class is in Thistle Padel Court, Katesmill Road and we start at 9am – please note change of venues and 9am earlier start on Friday.


Not great news but … ‘Hot off the press’: I had booked the Dell Room in Colinton Parish Church for us this Thursday however, last Thursday, when enquiring who would be around to open up and close for us, I heard back that because of staff shortages/holidays/illness etc, that it’s not now available for us.

Dreghorn Loan Hall (DLH) isn’t available this Thursday or Friday because a wedding has been booked and they’re using the hall.

That’s why I’d looked for alternative venues for us for Thurs & Fri.

So, it looks like no class on Thursday, oh no.

However, if you usually come to our Thursday 7pm class, hopefully you’ll be able to come to our Tuesday 7.30pm class in Craiglockhart Church Hall or our Wed 9.30am class in DLH or Fri at the earlier time of 9am in Thistle Padel Court instead.


What’s been on / what’s coming up?

Not sure if you were able to see the Festival Carnival and Princes Street Carnival but if you didn’t, Bryce (Tue class) took a couple of photos for us so that you can see the performances and enjoy:

(1) Edinburgh Carnival Cavalcade July 2022 – YouTube


(1) Edinburgh Festival Carnival In Princes Street Gardens, July 2022 – YouTube

(thanks very much Bryce, I’m sure that other kids & grandkids will love watching these too).


Edinburgh Foodies Festival is on in Inverleith Park this weekend ie 5, 6 & 7 August and info, daily line-ups and you can also buy tickets at

Edinburgh – Foodies Festival


I may have given you this link for recipe ideas before but I’ve made quite a few healthy recipes and thought I’d share the link with you again

Recipes (


More about food…. Did you go to Edinburgh Food Festival which was on at George Square Gardens until 31 July?  We didn’t manage to go but I’m sure it would’ve been good.


Some inspirational quotes I thought I’d share with you:

  • Learn from the past. Prepare for the future.  Live for today.
  • The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step (Lao Tzu)


We had our grandkids staying with us for a few nights while our daughter Nic is working in Birmingham at the Commonwealth Games.

Anyway, on Tuesday night, just before I left to go to our Fitness Pilates class, they wanted to help me limber up and stretch by lifting & holding my leg up.


Then last Wednesday morning, before the class started, we had 2 new young recruits aged 2 and 5.  I know a bit young but they were keen to meet everyone coming to the class and showed off their skills.  Theo (our grandson) showed off his downdog split moves and did a twirl so they’ve definitely got ‘the genes’.

As we’re looking after our grandkids again Sunday – Wednesday again, the kids are making their 2nd pre-class appearance for 5 or 10 mins until grandad takes them off to hand them over to their nana & papa for a couple of nights.

If you saw them last Wednesday, they were so cute (well I thought so as biased) waving to everyone just as we were about to start our class.


Anyway, just to say that to keep them amused (& tire them out!), we took them to Ocean Terminal one day last week.  You’d think there’s nothing much there but … in the old Debenhams building, one one floor, there’s ‘The Wee Hub’, with lots of things to keep kids happy for hours.  In fact, we were there from about 10.30am until 3.30pm (and had a picnic lunch outside).  There are lots of old bikes for them to go round a track, lots of old dolls and prams to play with, jigsaws, books, old pianos to plink plonk away on (they both loved that and can make as much noise as they like).  There are old photos of kids playing out in Edinburgh street, photos of old single records, a couple of stages where they can take a bow or perform on and lots of donated/old medals and cups for them to show off their athletic race performance.

It’s all free but they take donations.

Just to let you know that today, 1 Aug is their summer fayre from 12-3pm with free activities, stalls, singing, crafts, games, live entertainment and all are welcome with fun for all.

Tomorrow at the Wee Hub between 11-12, there’s Latin Dance Therapy – again free for all with kids play area, exhibitions and much more.


We’ve also been finding and taking photos of the kids at those Giraffes About Town.

Those giraffes do get about don’t they?


It was great seeing you last week and I’m grateful for the lovely comments that we got about our classes, different sequences, stretches etc.

I look forward to seeing you & working out with you this week too and please remember the venue changes on Thursday (Dell Room) and Friday (Thistle Padel Court and 9am start).

Thanks for the great feedback from last week’s classes too.


All class prices are now £6 each payable by:

  • cash (I’ve always got change),
  • directly into my bank account (I can give you my sort code & a/c number)
  • or use the SumUp card machine (I pay a fee per transaction but it’s not horrendous).

You might like to pay for 2, 3 or 4 classes in advance to save time but it’s an option.

If you do, just take a note of the dates that you’re attending to keep us right.


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