Brand new Lifestyle Classes coming soon

I wanted to update you and let you know about 2 brand new exciting 6 week course classes which will be taking place over the summer and hope that you will book your place in these classes to help you in your quest for a healthy lifestyle.

The first of these new concept classes takes place on a Tuesday evening 7.30 from 17 July – 21 August and it’s a “Wellness and Vitality Boutique” course for all – all about healthy eating, weight management, relaxation, positivity and exercise to keep you in shape and help you to look and feel amazing.

The second new concept class is on a Wednesday evening at 7pm and this runs from 18 July – 22 August and this new class is called “Be The Change: Invest In You”. It’s for women leading up to and on the perimenopausal – menopausal journey. We’ll be discussing weight management, fat loss if appropriate, clean eating, and all the issues surrounding symptoms and how to deal with them positively. We’ll also do some exercise to help tone you up encourage bone density and do stretching and relaxation practice.

These are introductory classes running for 6 weeks so there’s an introductory price of £30 for either of the courses or you can PAYG at £6.50 per class. I hope that you will book your place in these classes soon. You’ll also get a healthy ‘goodie bag’ of products when you attend either of the courses.

If you want a healthy lifestyle, to look and feel fantastic, positive, amazing and wonderful, then email or speak to Susan and book your place soon.

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