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Apologies classes CANCELLED Thurs 1 + Fri 2 March due to severe weather


I’m so sorry but I think it best to cancel our 7pm Fitness Yoga/Fitness Pilates class tonight (1 March) and also Friday 2 March Fitness Yoga class at 9.30am tomorrow.

As you know, we have a red weather warning and we’ve been advised not to travel at all. More snow is due and blizzards start and stop again so who knows what it’ll be like tonight, overnight and tomorrow morning!!
It’s just not worth taking the risk getting to and from classes tonight/tomorrow and even walking there + back might be a problem.

I remember when we had a few weeks of really heavy snow a few years ago and I did have to walk to and from classes for about a month and trudge through foot high snow to get anywhere but I don’t know that we had a red weather warning at the time? Can’t remember.

So I’m sorry but thought I’d let you know asap. I’ve also emailed this 10 mins ago or so but thought I’d send this 2nd notice out on my News page of my website. Info is also on my Classes page of my website too.
If you know of anyone who normally comes to our classes tonight and/or tomorrow morning, if you’re in touch with them, could you please make sure that they’re aware? thanks.

Reminder that next Thursday 8 March 7pm class is in the Dell Room, Colinton Parish Church, Dell Road.

I look forward to seeing you all next week and hope everything is ‘back to normal’ by then.’

Till then, “keep planking” and stay safe, cozy and warm.

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I look forward to seeing you this week for ongoing fitness, flexibility and fun