Hi I’m Susan, welcome to my website. I’m dedicated to your fitness success and look forward to working out with you to help you achieve your fitness and lifestyle goals. I’m an experienced Fitness Professional Instructor with 30+ years in the fitness industry.

I specialise in teaching Fitness Pilates, Resistance/Core Conditioning workouts and Freestyle Fitness Yoga classes in Edinburgh to complement your fitness and health.  I also incorporate and teach some kettlebell, core combat and circuit training in classes.  I’ve also taught some fitness salsa in classes too.

I’m interested in, and like to incorporate wellness, vitality, nutrition, weight management, relaxation and a positive outlook in our weekly newsletters so please sign up on the top right corner of my News page (best to do this on a laptop) of my website so you get regular updates.

I hope you’ll join us in our community-based, effective, fun, friendly classes.
When our workouts and classes are ‘back to normal’ again and it’s safe for us to exercise in groups again indoors,  you’re welcome to come along and work out with us – you’ll ‘fit’ right in.  Check out the Classes where/when page for info.
You’re welcome to try our various classes and see what they’re all about. We’ve got lots of enthusiasm, energy and I’m really excited to work out with you to get you fit/keep you fit, in shape and feeling and looking amazing.
We get lots of great feedback with everyone loving the variety of exercises, classes, challenges, new music and I love it when people say that their physio is amazed at their progress and changes while attending Fitness Pilates/Yoga. We’ve even had a couple of our class members say that because they’ve improved so much, they no longer need surgery which is absolutely amazing and fantastic.

I also encourage everyone to continue to exercise with us to see the benefits which don’t happen overnight, it takes time and commitment. I love planning new exercise sequences, workouts, music mixes and constantly change and update our classes to keep them fresh and current. No two classes are the same – variety is the spice of life! I demonstrate exercises and options in class to make your workout as effective and as challenging as you want/need it to be.

I look forward to seeing you soon, to welcoming you and helping you work on your fitness and health goals, Susan.