Hi I’m Susan, welcome to my website and classes.  With 30 years experience teaching various types of fitness classes, I specialise in Fitness Pilates, fitness yoga and resistance training classes.  I love welcoming new people to our classes and also totally appreciate that many of you have worked out with us for many, many years, thank you, I appreciate your continued commitment and loyalty.

I’m supportive, enthusiastic, encouraging, experienced and care that you achieve your best in each unique workout to the best of your ability.  With commitment, you’ll see improvement and results and have fun along the way with us too.

I’ll demonstrate and encourage you to take easier or more challenging options and variations of exercises and stretches so that you can get the best out of each workout and session.  Each class is unique and fresh and I know we’re all unique, individual and have different abilities when it comes to our fitness, health and lifestyles.   When you join us, you’ll be encouraged to ease into exercise for a while (if you’re a beginner) then build on strength, flexibility, fitness and confidence and I’m sure you’ll see a difference in just a few short weeks.

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Thanks very much

I look forward to seeing you soon, to welcoming you and helping you work on your fitness and health goals, Susan.