Complementary Fitness 30 Aug News

Welcome to this week’s fitness newsletter. We’re planning to return back and returning to Craiglockhart Church Large Hall again on a Tuesday evening for our Fitness Pilates class from 21 September. The church is having work done incl a new floor which is due to start soon and possibly take 2 weeks to complete although […]

Complementary Fitness 23 Aug News

Welcome, please read then scroll down for classes info this week NEWS UPDATE RE CLASSES – please read, consider & get back to me: I know that I sent you the following in an email last week but if you didn’t get it, it was to tell you that I got an email last week […]

Complementary Fitness 16 Aug News

Hi and welcome to this week’s fitness news I’ve shared this very relaxing pose with you before so it’s just a reminder that lying on your back with your legs up the wall is very relaxing and beneficial to you. Try it for 20 minutes when you’re feeling frazzled, anxious, when you’ve been on your […]

Complementary Fitness 9 Aug News

Hi and welcome to this week’s fitness newsletter A reminder that this week’s Wed & Fri morning classes are at the earlier time of 9am then from next week, we’re ‘back to normal’ again.  Tue & Thurs evening outdoor classes are always at 6.15pm weather-permitting but when not, I record a class which you can […]

Complementary Fitness 2 Aug News

Hi and welcome to this week’s Complementary Fitness news In one of my Instagram posts this week, there was a photo of resistance bands and the post gave a description of various band types (ie hooped, long stretchy elastic length which can be tied or the one we use on a Wednesday morning is a […]