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Complementary Fitness 28 Sept news + video

I know we’ve had more Government Covid updates recently but according to GovScot’s website, we can still exercise outdoors together (we come under the Personal Training and Coaching category) as long as our class numbers don’t exceed 30 incl me which, they wont.

As you know, we’re all using our own equipment (weights/bands/mats etc) and keeping a safe distance between each other.

Well we were so lucky with the weather last week for our classes and great sunny days and evenings – ...


Complementary Fitness Newsletter 21 Sept

I signed up to another online course and have been watching and listening to the daily videos about Alzheimer’s Disease prevention.

Did you know that the risk more than doubles in developing Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) in people who have type 2 diabetes or are insulin resistant? 

and that women are more likely to develop AD in comparison to men. 

Men do get AD as well but the ratio is 2:1 in women v men 😞.

Being overweight significantly increases the risk for AD too.

It’s ...


Complementary Fitness 14 Sept newsletter

After last Thursday’s Government announcements re social distancing, self isolating and new rules on socialising, there seemed to have been some confusion as to what we can/can’t do from this week.  
Confusion about how many people we can meet from x number of households etc and IF we could continue to exercise outdoors.

I’ve found out from various sources that WE CAN CONTINUE TO EXERCISE OUTDOORS, yessss! 👍 
I got an email from my fitness governing body (and copied and pasted their guidelines to you ...


Complementary Fitness 7 Sept newsletter

We’re just back from a fantastic long weekend with the family inc both grandchildren where we hired a lodge near Kenmore again (same one we had last year).  We had such a great time, a lot of fun, lots of walks and hikes, lots of food but the best thing about it was being together.  Aw I know but it’s true.

I uploaded another 2 minute Unlisted Youtube video showing how to do another yoga pose which is really a side ...