Complementary Fitness 31 Aug news + video

Well, I’m sorry that I had to cancel last Tuesday’s class because of the rain. It’s such a shame because the day before: Monday 24th was lovely in the afternoon and would’ve been perfect for an early evening class.  Typical! I had heard that from 5pm on Tuesday, the rain was to go off and […]

Complementary Fitness News 24 Aug

This week’s news: WE’RE BACK AGAIN and OUTDOORS again at Paties Road Recreation Grounds with plenty of open air space to accommodate us. I loved our classes last week and loved seeing you again after all those months of strictness and lockdown.  It was good to be back, even if outdoors and thanks to everyone […]

Complementary Fitness 17 August News

This week’s BIG news: WE’RE BACK and OUTDOORS at Paties Road Recreation Grounds with plenty of open air space to accommodate us. More news about that below though. I’m sure that you’re aware that a lot of us have become much more sedentary over the last 5 months.  The plan at the beginning of lockdown were […]

Complementary Fitness 10 Aug News inc outdoor classes updates

Schools in Scotland go back this week; are the kids excited to get back and see their friends again?  Are you happy to get some kind of normal back and give the home schooling responsibilities back to teachers?  I’m sure if you have kids at home, it’s been hard juggling your time, trying to keep […]

Complementary Fitness 3 August News + updates

Hi, how are you doing?  I hope that you’re well and staying as active and positive as you can.  Did you complete all of the 26 daily challenges last month? Some of you got in touch to say you preferred the yoga videos or the sit ups best and weren’t fussed for the gliding disc […]