Complementary Fitness 29 June News + video

Well that’s us almost into the second half of 2020 – time flies but sometimes, not that fast. I have however today, gained another candle on my cake and it’s very much a fire hazard and has been for a looooonnnnngggg time!!   We’re eventually finding out about restriction easing; what’s open and what still […]

Complementary Fitness 22 June newsletter

First off, how are you this week and how was last week for you?  What did you do/achieve?  Anything new? Well, last week, the weather (again) was mixed with mist, rain and then lovely (well, I mean dry, warm and sunny) from lunchtime on Thursday & Friday. I had started running again and went short […]

Complementary Fitness news 15 June

Week 14, how did that happen?  How are you and how are you coping? Like me and some others, are you having good days and not-so-good ones? Is everything a bit samey?   Or are you staying as positive as you can and getting ‘stuff’ done eg tidying, cleaning everything – again? Weeks ago, when […]

Complementary Fitness 8 June News + video update

This week’s news + video – scroll down for this week’s ab & core strengthening + stretching video Health & Lifestyle: Having excess body fat seems to matter when it comes to catching COVID-19 as well as the severity of the symptoms.  Yet, the reality is we now find ourselves in a new environment where […]

Complementary Fitness 1 June news + video

I’ve been spending some time over the last 3 weeks listening to a couple of docuseries online and the first was listening to 3 different speakers/interviews a day who talked with the host (John Robbins) about aspects of food and health in a series called The Food Revolution Network.  Many of the eminent speakers were […]