Complementary Fitness 25 May news, info + video

According to a study of relatively active people who normally walk around 9,000 steps a day, they were asked to reduce that amount to around 5,000 steps a day and the conclusion was that 88% of people reported symptoms of depression, nearly everyone had less energy, and they reported having more anxiety and stress.  31% […]

Complementary Fitness 18 May news, info + video

Exercise: We know that exercise is great for our mental and physical health and if we can continue to keep ourselves fit and active by doing some indoor workouts during the week, then that’s great, well done.  When we combine that with getting outdoors and regular walking (around 30 minutes a day to reach our […]

Complementary Fitness 11 May news + videos

First of all: a big massive THANK YOU for the absolutely gorgeous flowers I was received on Thursday last week from M&S.  Although there was a lovely card inside, there wasn’t a note to say who’d ordered and sent them.  I know they are from someone who said they appreciate the videos and I’m really […]

Complementary Fitness news, updates + videos 4 May

Thanks to Bryce (Tue/Thurs) who sent me a really great and funny video with a song based on the Sound of Music called How to solve a problem like corona!  I’m sure you’ll love it Copy and paste the following link in to your browser and watch & listen: We’ve all heard it a […]