Complementary Fitness news + videos 27 April

Wow almost the end of April and Friday sees us into May.  It’s also week 6 of lockdown, of no classes and I’m really missing you all, catching up and seeing you.  I’m grateful though to everyone who’ve emailed and let me know how you are, what you’re doing etc so thanks very much for […]

Complementary Fitness news, updates + videos 20 April

This week’s news + updates: Have you learned anything new/different in the last week?  Did you learn or discover something about yourself or have you tried something for the first time or learnt a new skill or anything else? What were your successes last week? And what are your plans for this week? Make a […]

Complementary Fitness news, updates + videos 13 April

We’re still here, still in the background and still in lockdown so until we can all exercise together again, keep working out with me and others in our classes through my Youtube videos and get out for a walk in the fresh air and enjoy the sunshine. This week’s news + updates: I hope that […]

Complementary Fitness 6 April News + videos

We’re still on lockdown so no group COMPLEMENTARY FITNESS classes although if you click on my new Youtube videos I sent last week and the ones below, we can still all exercise together even though it’s virtually.  #stayfitandactive This week’s news + updates: Thanks very much for taking the time to email me to let […]