Complementary Fitness 24 Feb News

As you know, life is about balance with ups and downs, light and shade, good times and bad times.  We’ve eagerly anticipating the birth of our second grandchild this week which is very exciting for us.  Last Wednesday though, we visited my brother-in-law who was became extremely ill over the course of a couple of […]

Complementary Fitness 17 Feb news

There is some research, as well as anecdotal evidence, to suggest that exercise can help anxiety.  We know that exercise helps to produce chemicals called endorphins which have a positive effect on mood and stress levels which, in turn, can help calm anxiety. The effect of exercise on anxiety will vary from person to person […]

Complementary Fitness 10 February news

Schools are on holiday this week and our classes are ON too so come and work out with us in as many cases as you can. Exercise is good for us in many ways including heart health, our mood, great for our joints, muscles and balancing our hormones.  Exercise can help us keep in shape […]

Complementary Fitness 3 Feb news + info

Wow, into the 2nd month of the year already! Most schools should be finishing up on Friday for a week but … just to let you know that all of our classes are still ON in the holidays so looking forward to seeing you if you can make it. Here are a couple of hacks […]