Welcome to Complementary Fitness, I’m Susan, an experienced Fitness Instructor who specialises in teaching all-level Fitness Pilates, Freestyle Fitness Yoga, PiYo (fitness Pilates/Yoga combo), resistance, strength & toning classes for men & women. I’m motivated, enthusiastic and committed to helping you achieve your fitness, health and lifestyle goals and look forward to you joining us and be part of our Complementary Fitness journey.    Due to the current and ever-changing Coronavirus situation, I’ve sadly taken the decision to cancel all classes until this is all over and it’s safe to exercise in our groups again – please check out the Classes page and recent newsletters for info

When the current situation is over, I look forward to working out with you in our community based classes where you’ll find a variety of classes to help you improve your core and overall strength, posture, balance, flexibility and co-ordination.

We offer all level, effective and fun classes for men and women in Craiglockhart and Dreghorn Loan, Colinton church halls, Edinburgh.

Click on the Classes Where/When page for info about start up dates for us to exercise together in our groups again.  In the meantime, Susan is also looking at online video classes for you – info to follow.

I look forward to welcoming and working out with you soon to help you achieve your results, goals and targets.  Stay fit, safe and well.

Complementary Fitness classes are more than ‘just fitness’ – our all-level classes are effective, friendly and fun with lots of options and variations to suit all. I hope that you’ll become one of our ‘regulars’ – some class participants have been with us for more than 30 years!!

Did you know that exercise can improve your posture, build strength, flexibility, body confidence and also affect your mindset: regulating your mood and helping you feel positive too? It’s a great stress-buster and can help you clear your mind, feel more focused and happier – especially in these uncertain and stressful times.

We hope you’ll be part of our journey to feeling amazing and having more energy. All classes are for woman (except pregnancy) and they’re for all levels including beginners.

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Class Video Examples

Click on my Complementary Fitness YouTube Channel which has lots of warm up, Fitness Pilates, Fitness yoga, resistance training and fitness salsa videos examples for you to view and work out to Click to view my YouTube Channel


Client Testimonials

  • “Attending the (Fri) class has made a huge difference to my flexibility and strength.  I sleep better and have fewer aches and pains”

  • “I love, love, love all your classes Susan. Each class is different, fresh, unique, exciting and challenging too. Can’t wait for my next class”

  • “After my first class, it’s made a huge difference to my posture, back pain is hugely reduced which is unbelievable! I love your wonderful teaching and caring approach thanks”!

  • “Susan is the best Pilates teacher in Edinburgh!  I’ve tried quite a few classes over the years and no-one else matches her careful balance of enthusiasm and consideration to encourage you to do the best you can, and keep on pushing yourself to do a wee bit more”

  • “I don’t know how you do it but each class is better than the last, well done and can’t wait for next week”