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Fitness Classes in Edinburgh for £6

With 30+ years teaching experience, Susan is committed to progress fitness & active lifestyles with inspirational, achievable all-level Fitness Pilates, Fitness Yoga & resistance, strength & toning classes for men and women & can’t wait to welcome you and work out with you.

Securely pay for your class using card before the class using £6 cash, directly onto my iPhone in class or bank transfer.

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Ideal for men and women of all ages. Work on strength, fitness, posture, balance and flexibility.

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Strength, core stability, posture, flexibility, balance, muscle control and co-ordination.

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Fitness class with optional use of resistance band and kettlebell or hand weights.

Hi from Susan

Hi I’m Susan, welcome to my website and classes. With 30 years experience teaching various types of fitness classes, I specialise in Fitness Pilates, fitness yoga and resistance training classes. I love welcoming new people to our classes and also totally appreciate that many of you have worked out with us for many, many years, thank you, I appreciate your continued commitment and loyalty.

I’m supportive, enthusiastic, encouraging, experienced and care that you achieve your best in each unique workout to the best of your ability.  With commitment, you’ll see improvement and results and have fun along the way with us too.

I’ll demonstrate and encourage you to take easier or more challenging options and variations of exercises and stretches so that you can get the best out of each workout and session.  Each class is unique and fresh and I know we’re all unique, individual and have different abilities when it comes to our fitness, health and lifestyles.   When you join us, you’ll be encouraged to ease into exercise for a while (if you’re a beginner) then build on strength, flexibility, fitness and confidence and I’m sure you’ll see a difference in just a few short weeks.

I look forward to seeing you soon, to welcoming you and helping you work on your fitness and health goals, Susan.

Fitness Classes

Fitness Pilates

Working on strength, fitness, posture, balance & flexibility in our Fitness Pilates classes. They’re functional, active, for all levels & for men and women.

Tuesday 7:30pm 
Craiglockhart Church Hall
Craiglockhart Drive North
EH14 1H

Fitness Core Resistance Workout

A general fitness resistance training class for men & women with optional use of resistance band, hand weights or kettlebell to strengthen, improve bone density & build lean muscle. Light weights / high reps, easy on joints.

No mat required.

Wednesday 9.30am 
Dreghorn Loan Church Hall
Dreghorn Loan
Colinton, Edinburgh
EH13 0DE

Fitness Yoga & Pilates

Focusing on improving strength & flexibility, posture & balance through fitness, Pilates and yoga moves. Mixed ability class for men & women.

Thursday 7.00pm 
Dreghorn Loan Church Hall
Dreghorn Loan
Colinton, Edinburgh
EH13 0DE

Fitness Yoga

Look forward to achieving your goals of improved flexibility, strength, posture & balance week by week in this mixed ability class for men & women.

Friday 9.30am 
Dreghorn Loan Church Hall
Dreghorn Loan
Colinton, Edinburgh
EH13 0D

How to Attend

1. Choose a Class.

2. Download & Complete PAR-Q Form.

3. Download & Complete Lifestyle Questionnaire.

4. Download & Complete Booking Form.

5. Attend Class with Correct Kit.

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What Class Participants say

Absolutely love Susan's Friday morning yoga class .. what a fantastic start to my day, energised & ready to take on whatever the day throws at me. Fridays are fab.. all because of Fri yoga


I absolutely loved the class: a perfect blend of keeping heart up & pushing the body to stretch & balance. I've been to classes in the past & felt confused by positions to hold whereas, your workout was powerfully clear & I understood what I needed to do so I could focus on doing it as well as I could. I also loved the music which resonated with me


Always amazed at how many different moves & poses we achieve with you. What's really gratifying is when I'm doing my usual household or outside chores & realise how much easier they are as they replicate what we do in your classes .. the twisting, reaching, bending it's all there. I'm aware of how much more difficult so many movements would be if I'd not already prepared & strengthened myself to do them. A 1000 thank you's


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Susan would be happy to answer any of your class enquiries using the email address or the form. New people are always welcome to join us at Complementary Fitness.

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